Marinda J. Valenti

Proofreader | Copyeditor

Who I Am

With experience working for top publishers, as well as a master’s in publishing from NYU, I have a keenly cultivated and highly professional ability to clean up the messiest of copy. A lifetime with an unusual and easily misspelled name (Marinda—not Miranda!) has instilled in me an unshakable and personal belief in the importance of details. Thus, I defend proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage wherever possible.

What I Do

I happily offer line editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading services for:

—Manuscripts and page passes for publishing houses

—Manuscripts and ancillary materials for self-published and indie authors

—Blogs and website content

—Business and professional documents

—Transcripts for court reporters

What I Read

I love YA fiction—specifically contemporary, speculative, mystery/thriller, and romance. I also enjoy adult-level horror, thriller, women’s fiction, and literary fiction.  

How to Reach Me

Contact me now at marinda@marindaproofreads.com and let’s clean up your copy!